Assault Offences

Have you been charged with Assault Offences? Then you need our help.

Dribbin & Brown Criminal Criminal Lawyers regularly appear for clients charged with assault and violence related charges. We have offices in Melbourne CBD, Ringwood, Dandenong, Frankston, Geelong and Moorabbin.

We have handled thousands of cases relating to assault. We understand that the judiciary always treat any criminal offence relating to violence very seriously and that preparation is important to achieving the right outcome.

What are the potential charges in relation to assault?

Often the police lay a variety of charges ranging from, unlawful assault, common assault, assault in company, assault wth a weapon, recklessly causing injury and recklessly causing serious injury, negligently causing serious injuryintentionally causing injury and intentionally causing serious injury, conduct endangering person, conduct endangering life, affray and riot.

In most cases you will only plead guilty to one or two of these charges and in some cases none at all. For information on the various types of assault charges, click on the relevant offences listed on the right of this page.

There are a number of factors that could potentially mitigate a client’s actions and in some cases remove any criminal culpability at all.

Assault matters often involve multiple parties being charged. In many instances police find it very difficult to prove matters in relation to individual defendants.

The importance of engaging a specialist criminal lawyer to assist with charges involving violence cannot be overstated. Dribbin & Brown are accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria as criminal law specialists, so you can be assured that when you engage their firm you are getting the very best representation. 

Should I Seek Legal Advice if charged with assault related matters?

It is imperative that you seek legal advice before attempting to resolve any matter involving an assault.

There are many factors to consider when determining how best to resolve an assault matter. These may include whether weapons were involved, the frequency and duration of the assault/s, the location of the assault/s, the type of victim/s, the nature and extent of the injuries, whether there was provocation and the complicity of the victim.

Competently addressing the above questions is crucial in achieving the correct outcome. This is why it pays to consult an experienced criminal lawyer who deals with these matters regularly.

If you have assault charges pending or you are facing a police interview, call our office today and arrange to see one of our specialist assault lawyers.

On the bottom right of this page you will find some examples of real cases we have dealt involving assault related charges.

The right advice and representation can make all the difference in relation to assault offences.

Phone us today, it will only take you a couple of minutes to understand that Dribbin & Brown are the right firm to represent you.

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