Fraud and Theft Lawyers – Melbourne

Have you been charged with dishonesty and fraud offences? These include fraud, theft, robbery, armed robbery, burglary, aggravated burglary, handling stolen property, money laundering, going equipped to steal, forgery, bribery and defrauding the Commonwealth.

If so, you should talk to our fraud lawyers. We have offices in Melbourne, Ringwood, Frankston, Geelong, Moorabbin and Dandenong and have run some of the largest fraud cases to be tried in Victoria.

Protect your record regarding fraud & theft charges

Theft and fraud offences can range from the theft of a chocolate bar to multi-million dollar fraud. For minor thefts, the penalty itself may not always be a client’s greatest concern. Often it is the severe consequences attached to having a criminal record for dishonesty.

A record for a theft/dishonesty charge might prevent a client from obtaining the job that they always wanted or have repercussions for their current job. There are many aspects of these cases that should be discussed with a specialist criminal lawyer – particularly how you might avoid any form of record at all.

Avoid an immediate Fraud prison sentence

Serious dishonesty matters will often attract a prison sentence, depending on the circumstances of the case. There are a huge number of relevant factors such as the type of victim, the degree of planning, the method used to obtain the property, whether there has been a breach of trust whilst committing the crime, the amount of the theft or fraud and the nature of the offence itself.

Participating in a record of interview regarding fraud & theft

If you have been involved in a dishonesty related matter and are about to be interviewed in regard to fraud charges, it is critical that you first seek legal advice from an experienced fraud lawyer in Melbourne.

Anything that you say in that recorded interview can and will be used against you at a later date. If you have been charged you should consult a lawyer with extensive experience in dealing with dishonesty matters, to discuss how to best approach your case.

Some recent decisions regarding fraud & theft handled by Dribbin & Brown:

More serious dishonesty related matters 

For armed robbery, aggravated burglary, forgery, money laundering, or other similar charges, you will need a criminal defence lawyer to help you stay out of prison.

For these types of charges it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid an immediate prison sentence. Having an experienced criminal lawyer on your side is critical.

How you handle this kind of matter could potentially impact the rest of your life. Call our office and make an appointment to see one of the Dribbin & Brown fraud lawyers today.