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Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers located in Moorabbin are Drink Driving Lawyers and Intervention Order Specialists

David Dribbin and Michael Brown are experienced criminal lawyers and the partners at Dribbin & Brown, a specialist criminal law firm in Moorabbin. They have been practising criminal and traffic law for a combined period of 40 years, and are accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria as criminal law specialists.

Together with their team of talented criminal defence lawyers they have handled all manner of cases from simple drink driving restoration applications in the Magistrates’ Court to complex murder trials in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Moorabbin Lawyers with local knowledge:

The Dribbin & Brown office is located in close proximity to the Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court also known as the Moorabbin Justice Centre. Our criminal defence solicitors are highly competent, compassionate and experienced in the areas of criminal and traffic law. We regularly appear at the Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court in relation to the following matters;

Given that we regularly attend the Moorabbin Neighbour Justice Centre  our Lawyers are very familiar with the Magistrates and prosecutors that work at this Court. This is a huge benefit to our clients, and helps us to achieve positive outcomes every time.

Law Institute Specialist Criminal & Traffic Lawyers in Moorabbin

It is a mistake to entrust your criminal law or traffic law case to just any lawyer. The law is extremely complex in these areas – even Magistrates sometimes get caught out. Make sure you engage a specialist in the field. Remember, Dribbin and Brown Moorabbin only work in the areas of criminal and traffic law. Our extensive experience could be the difference between you winning or losing your case.

Available whenever and wherever you need us. We operate a 24 hour advice line, so we can help you with any criminal law or traffic law queries, day or night. If Moorabbin is not convenient for you, we also have offices in the following locations: Melbourne CBD, Frankston, GeelongDandenongRingwood and Ballarat. Go to ‘Contact’ at the top of the page for their details. If you have an upcoming Court appearance or just need some advice on an aspect of criminal or traffic law, call our criminal law firm in Moorabbin and let one of our defence solicitors help you today.