Melbourne Criminal Lawyers

Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers is a specialist criminal law firm practising in the areas of criminal law and traffic law.

Dribbin & Brown has criminal law offices in Melbourne, Ringwood, Dandenong, FrankstonGeelong and Moorabbin with highly experienced and competent criminal lawyers ready to assist you.

Our team of defence lawyers and criminal solicitors have been involved in a wide range of cases from drink driving restoration applications in the Magistrates’ Court to murder trials in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

As criminal defence lawyers we are routinely engaged to defend clients charged with sex offences, dishonesty offences, murder, other matters involving violence, drug offences, firearms offences, infringement matters and all types of driving offences. For a full list of the categories of offences that we handle please see the drop down bar under the heading “what we do” at the top of this page.

Our lawyers have decades of experience behind them. It is this specific knowledge of processes, procedures and legal technicalities that allows Dribbin & Brown to put your case forward with confidence and assuredness, to achieve the best outcome in your case. For more detailed information in relation to our Traffic Lawyers Melbourne click here.

If you have an upcoming court appearance or just need some legal advice, call our trusted law firm and let one of our criminal defence lawyers help you today.

Why Dribbin & Brown Criminal Defence Lawyers?

  • We are a specialist team of lawyers who only practise in criminal and traffic law.
  • We are accredited by the law institute of Victoria as criminal law specialists
  • Our criminal lawyers have a combined experience of 40 years behind them.
  • We know the Courts; we know how they work and the people that run them. We regularly appear at all Courts in Melbourne in the Supreme, County, Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts.
  • Our criminal defence lawyers attend Court every day of the week.
  • We run 10 – 20 jury trials per year. Many law firms don’t run any. Don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer how many jury trials they have run.
  • We get results! You can thumb through our case studies to see the kind of outcomes we achieve at Court. Every case study recorded on our site is a real outcome achieved at Court by one of our lawyers.
  • Come in and have chat or call now to speak to one our lawyers, you will be glad that you did.


Over 40 years experience practising as traffic lawyers and criminal defence lawyers

Do not ask any firm to act on your behalf in relation to a criminal or traffic law offence unless they specialise in criminal or traffic law.