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Drug Offence Lawyers – Melbourne

Drug Offence, Drug Charges – If you have been charged with drug offences we have offices at Melbourne, Ballarat, Dandenong, Geelong, Frankston, Moorabbin and Ringwood with criminal lawyers available to assist you. Drug charges can range from the possession of small quantities of drugs, to trafficking in large commercial quantities of drugs and can relate to cannabis, methamphetamine (Ice), heroin, GHB and cocaine. Minor offences will be dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court whilst more serious matters will be heard in the County or Supreme Court.

Whatever the charge, a finding of guilty in relation to drug charges is highly undesirable. It is important that you speak to an experienced drug offence lawyer prior to making any formal record of interview.

Should I make a comment interview regarding drug offending? 

In some circumstances there may be some benefit in assisting police in a record of interview. If the charge relates to possession, particularly where the person of interest has a clean record and is only picked up with a small quantity of drugs, co-operation can be a good idea. In these circumstances Diversion is a likely outcome, and if approved by a magistrate will result in no conviction being recorded. Click here for more information on what is a diversion.

In other circumstances,  particularly if police are considering a trafficking charge, they may have very limited evidence of trafficking, but a strong circumstantial case based on the possession of drugs. Here, a “no comment” interview is likely to be the best course.

This is generalised advice and every case is different. If you are going to be interviewed with regard to drug charges then you must seek advice from a drug offence lawyer. It could be the difference between a drug conviction being recorded or not.

Asset confiscation and restraining orders in relation to drug offences

The other area where people are often caught out relates to confiscation provisions.

Often clients are not advised that by pleading guilty to a Commercial Quantity Trafficking/Cultivation charge their assets are able to be confiscated or initially subjected to a restraining order. For more information on Restraining Applications and Asset Confiscation click here.

Again, each case is different so it is crucial that you seek legal advice as early as possible when facing any drug prosecution. The law is complicated and technical and these cases should be handled by a lawyer with experience. Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers has an extensive history in handling drug cases.

If you are about to be interviewed or have already been charged, call our office today to make an appointment with one of our experienced drug offence lawyers in Melbourne.