Have you been charged with theft?

As criminal lawyers we regularly appear at all Melbourne Courts representing clients charged with theft offences.

We have offices in Melbourne, Ringwood, Frankston, Geelong, Dandenong and Moorabbin. We regularly appear at the Courts in all of these locations.

Apart from the fact that the judiciary treat theft very seriously, theft charges always have serious repercussions in relation to a person’s record. A criminal record can make it very difficult to find employment in the future.

Questions to consider in relation to theft charges

  • Has the police officer involved considered your eligibility for Diversion?
  • How much was stolen? This can have a huge impact on sentence.
  • Can you avoid a conviction in relation to the charge?
  • Do you have a defence?

To answer these questions you need to engage the services of an experienced criminal lawyer.

Dribbin & Brown criminal lawyers regularly represent clients charged with theft, so if you have been charged with theft offences, don’t hesitate to contact our office today.