I have been charged by police. What do I do now?

What To Do If You Are Charged By The Police In Melbourne

The first thing you should do if you have been charged is seek the assistance of a lawfirm that specialises in criminal defence work.

If you are charged in the summary stream, this means that the matter will begin and end in the Magistrates’ Court. Bring your charges to our office urgently. Once we have the charge sheet we can start a file and request further information (the police brief).

The police brief will outline the police’s case against you. Once we have this we will have an in-depth consultation with you and determine, based on your instructions, whether the matter should proceed with a guilty or not guilty plea.

If the matter is in the indictable stream this means it is more serious. It will begin in the Magistrates’ Court and in most circumstances end in the County or Supreme Court.

At the first hearing date (the filing hearing) the Court will provide two dates. The first is when the evidence must be served on our office and the second is when you must return to Court. This second date is a called the committal mention.

It is at this point, following receipt of the evidence and taking detailed instructions from you, that we will advise the Court how the matter is proceeding. i.e. whether the plea will be guilty or not guilty.

Whatever the situation, the earlier you attend our office after being charged, the more time we will have to prepare your case. Do not leave it to the last minute. We know from years of experience that preparation wins cases.

If you have been charged call our office today and speak with one of our Criminal Defence Lawyers