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Specialist Sex Offence, Sexual Assault, Indecent Assault Lawyers, located in the Melbourne CBD, Ringwood, Dandenong, Geelong, Frankston and Moorabbin

Have you been charged or interviewed in relation to a sexual offence, Sexual assault or Indecent Assault ?

If so, you need to speak to a sexual offences lawyer who:

  • Understands this area of law;
  • Has experience in both Magistrate contested hearings and County Court jury trials; and
  • Will not judge your circumstances, but will fight to get you the best outcome, be it an acquittal or no gaol time.

At the criminal law firm of Dribbin & Brown we only deal with crime, and a significant portion of our practice relates to representing people charged with sex offences including Sexual Assault and Indecent Assault, Rape etc.

We have offices in Melbourne, Ringwood, Dandenong, Frankston and Moorabbin. We regularly appear at the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts in all these localities.

The laws of evidence relating to the prosecution of sexual offences are very complicated and in many circumstances time limits apply. Matters will often move quickly through the Court system.

That is why all private Rape and sexual assault cases are handled by one of the partners, David Dribbin or Michael Brown.

These matters are usually conducted in Melbourne in a special list convened to handle sex offence cases only. No other offence is handled in this way.

If you have been charged with a sexual offence it is vital that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible. We understand that these matters are embarrassing and often very personal in nature, but more than any other criminal offence it is important to seek advice early from a solicitor who regularly represents clients charged with sex offences.

I’ve been charged with sex offences, should I co-operate in my record of interview?

We have defended hundreds of cases involving sex offences. If police want to interview you regarding a sexual offence it is critical that you seek legal advice prior to participating in the record of interview.

Considering whether to make comment on your record of interview is not something that you should work out on your own. There are serious repercussions stemming from how you approach your interview. This choice should only be made after seeking advice from a practitioner who specialises in defending sex charges.

The things you say during your interview can be used against you in court, and what you put on the record could be the difference between being found guilty or not guilty.

Remember, the police in this instance are not your friends. They have a job to do, and nine times out of ten they will charge you regardless of what you say on your record of interview.

For more information about handling police recorded interviews, please click here.

If you have been charged or are due to be interviewed in relation to a sex offence and need advice or representation, please contact us immediately. You should meet with one of our experienced sex offence lawyers in Melbourne or one of our various office locations in the South East to discuss your case. For more information in relation to the sex offence trial process please click here.

Click here more information on the Sex offence register amendments.

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