Appeals Solicitors Melbourne

We handle all types of appeals, from the Magistrates’ Court or Children’s Court to the County Court; from the County Court or the Supreme Court to the Court of Appeal; and from the Court of Appeal to the High Court of Australia.

We have offices located in the Melbourne CBD, Ringwood, Dandenong, Frankston, Geelong and Moorabbin areas to assist clients.

Appeal matters, particularly those from the higher Courts, are extremely complicated. As members of the Victorian Legal Aid indictable panel (serious crime panel), we often take matters on appeal.

Due to the complex nature of any appeal it is important to see a lawyer with experience. This is one instance where you should not instruct any solicitor unless they specialise in this area of the law.

Dribbin & Brown has handled a large number of appeals. If you feel aggrieved by a decision made by the judiciary, talk to one of our lawyers today about the merits of taking your matter on appeal.

Dribbin & Brown has extensive knowledge of the appeal process generally and the field of criminal sentence appeals in particular. So contact our appeals solicitors for expert help with your case today.