Criminal Defence Lawyers Geelong

Criminal Defence Lawyers Geelong “Your Voice In the Courtroom”

Criminal Defence Lawyers Geelong – Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. You might be experiencing the unique stress and anxiety of facing legal action for the first time, or you might be someone who has been in this situation before. Either way, you have a right to be represented by a lawyer who can make certain that your needs are met in the courtroom.

There is something intimidating about a courtroom, it seems almost like they are designed to make you nervous. So formal and imposing, the magistrate or judge sitting high up above you. You don’t want to be there alone, facing accusations by the police.

Even the most confident accused benefit greatly by having a lawyer. Sometimes the difference between a conviction and an acquittal is a good lawyer who can examine evidence against you and demonstrate that the evidence isn’t as clear cut as the police say it is. Sometimes the difference between a custodial sentence and a fine and community service is a lawyer who can negotiate with the police and see some of your charges or replaced with charges that carry a lesser sentence.

Having a criminal case against you in court hanging over your head and actually attending court to defend yourself against accusations of criminal activity is incredibly stressful. You have to worry about all your ordinary concerns – money, family, loved ones, mental and physical health – as well as the added stress of this upcoming court case. You might be worried about whether or not you will have to go into custody.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Geelong

Criminal Defence Lawyers Geelong

Dribbin & Brown Criminal Defence Lawyers are available to help you get through the trial. Our lawyers can speak to the police on your behalf, make a bail application if that is what is required, and brief a barrister with specific knowledge of your situation.

If your matter goes to trial then you need a solicitor who can work with your barrister on your trial as it progresses. Dribbin & Brown Criminal Defence Lawyers Geelong have this covered. They have solicitors who are used to working closely with barristers to achieve the best possible results for you in the courtroom.

Even if you are part way through the process and you don’t have a lawyer or you are not happy with the service that you are being provided with, then you need to call Dribbin & Brown Criminal Defence Lawyers Geelong. They may be able to step into your matter and make things right. You need a legal team who treats you with respect. You need to be listened to – after all, it is your story that matters.

Make sure that your voice is heard in the courtroom – the best way to ensure your voice is heard is to hire a specialist legal defence team you can trust.

The team at Dribbin & Brown Criminal Defence Lawyers Geelong are waiting to speak to you about your legal problems. Call now 03 8644 7300 and get the help you need from the experts. Our Criminal Lawyers appear daily in the Geelong Magistrates Court.