Bail Applications

Do you need to list a bail application? 

We have offices in Frankston, Geelong, Ringwood, Moorabbin, Dandenong and the Melbourne CBD in close proximity to the local courts in those areas. We routinely appear before the prosecutors and magistrates sitting at these courts. We are well placed to assist if you require a bail application to be listed in any of these localities.

Bail is a complicated area of law governed by the Bail Act of Victoria. There are a number of different tests that relate to bail, including:

The test that is applicable to your case depends on the type and number of charges that you are facing. The tests are intermingled, the law is complicated, confusing and technical and there is an inexhaustible list of relevant factors that will either mitigate for or militate against the granting of bail.

If you have a close relative or friend who requires a bail application to be made on their behalf, we can help. We have run hundreds of bail applications and understand the emotional impact associated with having a loved one locked up without notice. If you need further information to understand what bail means, click here or look to the right side of this page.

If you need assistance with a bail application anywhere in Melbourne, call our office to make an appointment with one of our criminal lawyers today.