Our Criminal Defence Lawyers

Dribbin & Brown Criminal Defence Lawyers Melbourne:


  • David Dribbin, Criminal Lawyer

    David Dribbin - Criminal Defence Lawyer Melbourne

    One of the founding partners of Dribbin and Brown, David was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of South Africa in 1982 and as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria in 1995.

    David has extensive experience as a criminal defence lawyer and this experience encompasses a wide range of offences, from traffic and summary offences to major indictable charges.

    David prides himself on a hands-on approach to his matters and has been praised by many of his clients for his professional yet empathetic approach and his commitment to their defence.

    The combination of his attitude and experience have enabled David to obtain outstanding outcomes for his clients, many of whom have been referred to him by his previous clients.

  • Michael Brown - Criminal Defence Lawyer Melbourne

    Michael has been practising as a criminal defence lawyer for almost 10 years, and is one of the founding partners at Dribbin and Brown.

    Michael was recently accredited as a Specialist in Criminal Law by the Law Institute of Victoria, having successfully completed all necessary requirements.

    Michael has substantial experience in criminal law. He has volunteered his services at community legal centres and has many years of previous practice in a wide and varied range of criminal law matters.

    Regularly praised by his clients for “going the extra mile”, Michael is passionate in the handling of his client’s matters, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of the best possible outcomes. This, coupled with professionalism and integrity at all times, has spurned Michael to the success he regularly and consistently achieves for his clients.

  • Nancy Pi, Criminal Lawyer

    Nancy Pi - Criminal Defence Lawyer Melbourne

    Nancy is a senior associate at Dribbin & Brown. She completed criminal law programs at Preston Legal Aid and Collingwood Legal Aid whilst studying at university. Prior to joining Dribbin & Brown Nancy worked in the areas of intellectual property and litigation. She also speaks fluent Mandarin.

    As a solicitor advocate, and a long term associate at Dribbin & Brown, Nancy appears regularly at the Magistrates’ and County Courts in a wide variety of cases. She has conducted complex criminal cases including County Court trials and Supreme Court applications. She has a particular interest in Children’s Court and Drug Court matters.

    Nancy understands that the criminal justice system can be daunting and complex and has shown a key commitment to keeping clients informed each step of the way.

  • Rebecca Glew - Criminal Defence Lawyer Melbourne

    Rebecca joined Dribbin & Brown Criminal Law as a paralegal. She worked in this capacity for several years before qualifying as a solicitor after the completion of her studies.

    With a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts from Deakin University Rebecca has quickly developed into a strong advocate.

    She has a commitment to social justice and works hard to ensure that her clients receive the best possible outcome. Rebecca is extremely intelligent and quick on her feet in Court and has taken to the work very naturally.

    Rebecca appears as a criminal defence lawyer regularly in Magistrates’ Courts across Melbourne and regional Victoria. She is based at the Frankston office.

  • Jacquelyn Parnell

    Jacquelyn is an important member of the team at Dribbin & Brown. Her no nonsense approach to all her matters resonates with the Magistrates and her dedication to her clients is always clear. She is a respected traffic lawyer advocate in the greater South East area appearing regularly in many of the Magistrates’ Courts around Melbourne. Jacquelyn can often be seen at the Frankston Magistrates’ Court and Geelong.


  • Daniel Walsh

    Daniel has been with us since 2015. From his very first weeks at Dribbin & Brown it was clear that Daniel was a natural advocate with a keen sense of the finer nuances of the law. Daniel has already appeared in hundreds of traffic related matters in the various Magistrates’ Courts around Melbourne. He is often seen at Dandenong and in the city.

  • Wylie Reynolds

    Wylie Reynolds

    Wylie is David Dribbin’s personal assistant and additionally is responsible for all Legal Aid billing within the firm.

    Wylie is the backbone of the Dandenong Office. Our lawyers are only able to do what they do because of the work of Wylie and the rest of the support staff behind the scenes.

  • Mary Mc Swiggan

    Mary is in charge of accounts, and has been with Dribbin & Brown since 2014. Mary is a gift from the bookkeeping gods. She runs a tight ship, which is the way we like it.

  • Candace Pierera

    Candace is assistant to Partner Michael Brown and Jacquelyn Parnell. Candace came to Dribbin & Brown in 2015, leaving her position at the Court of Appeal after seven years. Candace is an essential member of the administrative team at Dribbin & Brown.

  • Alyce Monahan

    Alyce is assistant to Partner David Dribbin. Alyce came to Dribbin & Brown in 2015, following many years working in the civil law sector as an administration assistant. Alyce is a highly valued member of the team and can often be found at the Dandenong and Melbourne offices.

  • Jasmine Attard

    Jasmine came to Dribbin & Brown in early 2016. She has had over 10 years experience working as a personal assistant in the commercial legal sector. Jasmine assists both Nancy and Daniel and keeps the Ringwood office running smoothly.

  • Vujan Krunic

    Vujan Krunic

    Vu has been an assistant at Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers for two years assisting the solicitors generally.