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  • David Dribbin Criminal Defence Lawyer

    David Dribbin

    Partner | Drink Driving Lawyer

    Melbourne CBD | Moorabbin | Geelong

  • Michael Brown

    Partner | Drink Driving Lawyer

    Frankston | Ringwood

  • Rebecca Glew

    Drink Driving Lawyer


  • Jacquelyn Parnell

    Drink Driving Lawyer


  • Nicole Horton

    Drink Driving Lawyer

    Frankson | Moorabbin

  • Daniel Walsh

    Drink Driving Lawyer


  • Victor Wang

    Drink Driving Lawyer (Mandarin Speaking)

    Moorabbin | Melbourne CBD

  • Erin Fradd

    Drink Driving Lawyer

    Dandenong | Ringwood

  • Simon O'Halloran

    Drink Driving Lawyer


Portarlington Drink Driving Lawyers | Drink Driving Specialists

Portarlington Drink Driving Lawyers “Excellent Defence Lawyers”

Have you been done for drink driving? Dribbin & Brown Drink Driving Lawyers Portarlington are available to help you navigate the difficult legal system.

Dribbin & Brown Drink Driving Lawyers Portarlington defended thousands of drivers facing drink driving charges.

Dribbin & Brown Drink Driving Solicitors Portarlington can assist you in the following ways:

  • Explain mandatory sanctions regarding drink driving
  • Provide a clear, upfront costs estimate
  • Stand up for you in a court of law

Call Dribbin & Brown Drink Driving Solicitors Portarlington and make sure that you have the assistance of an experienced specialist!

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