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Urgent 24 Hour Criminal Lawyers Geelong “When You Need a Lawyer”

Urgent 24 hour Criminal Lawyers Geelong – What do you do if you get arrested by the police? Do you know what to do? Do you know your rights? If you are arrested you will be interviewed by the police. The police will ask you questions. It is essential that you have access to the best advice.

Dribbin & Brown Urgent 24 Hour Criminal Lawyers Geelong have the best advice for you if you are under arrest You may not know what to do but our lawyers have it covered.

Even though you might be used to a working week, the police and the court system do not work to your convenience. They don’t work the same hours that most law firms are open. You can be charged with a criminal offence at night time or on the weekend. Who are you going to call? You are allowed to call a lawyer – do you want that call to end up talking to a message bank? Of course not!

Courts are open outside of business hours. If you are arrested and want to make a bail application, you want legal advice you can rely on. Ideally you want an experienced lawyer using their knowledge and expertise to make that bail application for you. It could be the difference between spending the weekend in custody or the weekend at home.

Urgent 24 hour legal advice!

We have lawyers who are ready to speak to you about your legal emergency outside of regular business hours. You want to hear a voice on the other end of the call, not just a recording. You need to speak to someone who will answer your questions, not just leave a message for a lawyer who will get back to you on Monday.

Urgent 24 hour Criminal Lawyers Geelong - Dribbin & Brown

The police should warn you that what you say can be used against you. They mean it. The words that you choose now to answer questions can be used in court by the prosecution. The prosecution can use your words to convince the court that you are guilty.

Dribbin & Brown Urgent 24 Hour Criminal Lawyers Geelong can give you advice before you are interviewed by the police. Our lawyers can help you know what to do – right now, when it matters the most.

If you are arrested, your reputation and your freedom are at stake. You don’t want to lose your lifestyle or livelihood over a criminal conviction. If your matter goes to trial you want to be sure that you have benefited from the best advice. You need to contact our lawyers right away – as the first 24 hours are crucial to your case.

You have a legal right to speak to a lawyer. You need to talk to someone who can give calm, objective advice and make sure you know what is going on. This cannot wait until morning. Take some control of the situation and call Dribbin & Brown Urgent 24 Hour Criminal Lawyers Geelong 03 8644 7300.

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