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Sex Offences – have you been arrested or spoken to by the police in relation to a sex offence, sexual assault or indecent assault?

Sex Offences Lawyers Geelong we are here to help you!

If you answer yes, you need to call a criminal defence law firm who:

  • Are up-to-date with the constant changes in this area of law;
  • Are engaged daily in the Magistrate and/or County Courts defending similar charges; and
  • Will be your best advocate to make sure your side of the story does not go untold.

Sex Offences Lawyers Geelong – Dribbin & Brown is a law firm that specialises in criminal defence law and traffic law. Our lawyers are well practiced in representing people charged with sex offences, including sexual assault, indecent assault and rape, amongst others. Our lawyers are committed to communicating with all their clients in a respectful and professional manner, no matter what the charges.

Dribbin & Brown Sex Offence Lawyers have offices in MelbourneRingwoodDandenongFrankstonMoorabbin & Geelong. Our lawyers are familiar faces in the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts in all these localities. Unlike other firms, which may have a diverse range of interests, criminal legal defence is our daily business. We have experience in defending the most difficult and complex criminal matters.

Sex Offence Lawyers Geelong

Sex offences are dealt with by the Court system with a great deal of seriousness, and are often fast-tracked so that the complicated rules relating to evidence and time limits can be followed.

These matters are usually conducted in Melbourne in a special list which has been set up to handle sex offence cases only. No other offence is handled in this way. This is why you need a legal expert in the field.

Our sex offence lawyers Geelong keep their knowledge current by remaining abreast of what is going on with crime trends and statistics. With almost everyone in Australia able to access the internet the privacy of their own home, it comes as no surprise that internet based sex crimes are on the rise. If you have been charged with an internet based sex crime, you need a lawyer who understands this niche area of law right now.

The Geelong police have implemented extra specialised sex offence detectives who are investigating crimes in your area. The police are committed to monitoring people on the sex offenders register. If this is something that relates to you, you need immediate legal advice.

A person who has been charged and found guilty of a sexual offence faces many possible consequences. Risks run from incarceration to being included on the Sex Offenders Registry. A conviction is a life changer. You need to make sure that you are getting the best possible advice from the very beginning.

It is crucial that you get timely advice about speaking to the police before you speak to them. What might seem like an unimportant or throwaway comment now might have serious repercussions later. The police will record what you say and they will not hesitate to use it against you.

If you have a car problem you will hire a mechanic who is used to fixing your particular type of car. Sex offences are a specific type of offence and you need a lawyer who will not just give you generic legal advice. You need a lawyer who knows exactly what is going on and what are the likely next steps that will occur in the course of your prosecution.

If your case goes to trial then you will be facing a jury of people who will be paying great attention to every word you say. They will carefully observe exactly how you answer or do not answer every question given to you by the police. Do you know exactly what to say? Do you trust yourself to be calm and answer in a way that doesn’t make things look worse?

Don’t risk it. There is a reason you are, by law, entitled to a lawyer’s advice before you speak to the police. Take advantage of your rights.

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Some recent published decisions (guilty pleas only, not guilty verdicts are not recorded)

If you have been contacted by the police in relation to potential charges, or you have been charged with any sex offences, you need to talk to our Sex Offences Lawyers Geelong. Even if you have already spoken to the police it is not too late to benefit greatly from great legal advice and representation. Your future is too important to leave things to chance.


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